Safer product review: Modere

The company, Modere, reached out to me recently and asked me to review some products.

This company offers products that are a safer alternative to conventional cleaning and personal care products that contain harsh chemicals.  As a cancer patient, I’m interested in products that are safer and healthier.
Today, I’ll review three of my favorite products.
Combination Skin Day Lotion
Big fan of this one.  With chemo treatment, my skin is a disaster.  Almost everything I put on it hurts.  But not this.  It’s smooth, light weight and mixes well with liquid foundation if you use a pigment like CoverFX custom color drops.
Refresh Mouth Rinse
I’m picky about mouth wash for two reasons: one, it hurts my very sensitive mouth if it’s too harsh, and two, sometimes it doesn’t work well.  This scores high on sensitivity – I have mouth sores from chemo and this doesn’t bother me at all.  It has a milder taste than conventional mouth washes.  It didn’t seem as potent, but the effects lingered, and I was happy with the results.
Make-up Remover
This is a pretty standard product.  The best feature being the lack of toxic ingredients.  It does a perfectly fine job removing even gunky, morning after eye make-up.
Overall, I’m happy with these products.  The laundry pods work well and have a pleasant lavender-vanilla scent.  We have also used the dishwasher pods which are also a good bet.  Comparable to a conventional product in effectiveness, but safer.  Especially with cats and kids around, that’s a nice feature.
Speaking of nice features, here is a code for $10 off your first purchase!  Enjoy!