Graze review

I have recently tried several new delivery services that I have received as gifts. I thought I might review them here.

First up:  Graze
Graze will deliver a snack box to you each week. You can customize it somewhat, particularly if you have allergies.  

Overall impression:  it’s exciting to get the box each week. The snacks are surprising and unusual combinations.  Many are interesting trail mix type combos or granola bars with a twist. My favorites have been any of the “Flapjack” items: gooey but hearty bars of various flavors.
Trying new snacks
Reasonably healthy ingredients
Cool/unexpected flavors
Sensible (tiny) portions
Here is one snack next to a lime for scale.

Seriously small portions – not a bargain
They bombard you with email “deals”
Too much sugar/carbs
Not customizable enough
I would like to see them have a high-protein, low-carb option.  My first batch had a couple of options that contained nuts, which upped the protein and crunchy salty stuff that balanced out the sweets.  This week’s delivery was all sweet, no savory. 
There do appear to be options on the site for customization. But if you already placed your order, it seems difficult to alter what they are sending you. Maybe you can but the site is not super user-friendly.  
Would I buy it for myself?  Probably not, largely because I can buy larger quantities of healthy snacks at many stores for less money.  
Now, I would say it makes a great gift for someone. A new mom who is going to be stuck at home, a college student or someone who is expanding their diet to include more wholesome snacks.  At $7 per box, with each container holding approximately a handful, you are not getting a good deal. If you buy the larger snack boxes, the price, of course, goes up but you definitely get more bang for your buck.  It’s more of a luxury/gift item .  
Bottom line:  Giving a girlfriend 4 weeks of yummy deliveries is a good way to spend $30.  If you’re feeding yourself, take the $30 to Trader Joe’s.