Tomorrow is race day

Back in October, when I was first diagnosed with cancer, I needed something to look ahead to. A goal to reach for. I chose the 5K of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Now, read that again – the 5K. Not the whole marathon. Or even half of it. No matter how much I’ve tried to be clear about that, some people seem to have the impression I’m running the actual marathon. Ha. Hahahahahahahaha. Haha. Have you met me?! Have you seen me run? If the answer is no, well, that’s because I’m not exactly an avid runner, and usually do so in secluded areas where I risk being murdered and never seen again because I don’t want anyone to see me – it ain’t pretty. Which brings me to…if you HAVE seen me running. Well, you know.

I mean…


So, no marathon for me, folks. Pittsburgh and all of the cheering crowds just could not handle it. Just the 5K. And that will be a stretch. Running is hard for me. I will probably have to walk up the bridge. Oh, you didn’t know the bridge was a hill, did you? Yeah, it’s the worst. You can’t tell it’s a hill when you’re driving across it. Then you try running across it, and you realize you have to run UP it. Sigh. Thanks, jerks who designed the course. 5K people are afraid of hills! They make us cry. So, we hate you.

So, here we are. I’m as ready as I can be. I promise to do my very best. If you still haven’t donated…clicky-clicky HERE.


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